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SLAVT Mission Statement


The Society of laboratory Animal Veterinary Technicians  is an energetic, professional group who are focused on local and national recognition through training and certification for Veterinary technicians in the field of laboratory animal medicine.  It is the mission of SLAVT to enhance animal welfare, sharing of clinical, surgical, and technical ideas amongst its membership, continuing education and professional networking among laboratory animal technicians.  

Our mission is to develop a network of professional veterinary technicians dedicated to the advancement of responsible and humane laboratory animal care  and use that to benefit animals and humans.  This is achieved by exchanging information and expertise in the care and use of the laboratory animal.

SLAVT acknowledges the public debate about the legitimacy, importance and relevance  of the ethics of laboratory animals and we as a society hold among our ethical responsibilities, the human care and treatment of the animals  We view our role as a laboratory animal veterinary technician to be one of stewardship which includes the responsibility to actively assess animal welfare and to meet the needs of the animals in our charge while considering research outcomes  We view our role in all instances of animal use to be one that must reflect a deep sense of compassion.

Join SLAVT today by joining our fb page!  VT students and non credentialed vet techs are encouraged to participate  We welcome input and participation by veterinarians and educators in the field as well!!  Membership is open to veterinary technicians, assistants, students, veterinarians, managers and educators.  
We no longer charge for membership and hope you enjoy sharing information on the SLAVT Facebook page!!